Computer Based Learning Training Development

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Computer Based Training CBT involves the use of a personal or networked computer for the delivery and access of training programs. CBT can be synchronous and asynchronous, as well as online, web based, mobile, and distance learning. CBT is particularly useful when training learners on a specific computer .Here is an article on Computer Based Training, a form of education in which a student learns by using training programs while on a computer..Although computer based training has been used in corporate training for more than years, it has only come into its own in the last three to five years. As is the case with most And due to the increased accessibility to fast hardware, more companies are developing CBT programs. No longer just for broad topics with . Sequences of theoretical information can fail to keep students en.ed and motivated. This is why training games are essential for the development of the courses. The companies that choose to employ games in Computer Based Training have better chances to encourage the students to finish the course, .

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