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RedMatrix.meHow Do I Add Fans On Your Facebook Page? Not a surprising phenomenon when everyone is now competing to surf the social media. Yes, in addition to this is a need for self-actualization, in fact there are many more needs that require you to use social media. For example, by using social media, you will get updated information more quickly. In fact, often a person’s imagery is also formed through social media. These social media benefits depend on your purpose to use them. For example, If you want to grow a business, then you can take advantage of social media for a wider range of markets.

Then the question is, whether developing a business by utilizing social media will provide great opportunities for your business to grow? The answer is simple. Obviously yes. One of the social media with the most number of users is Facebook (FB).

Every year the number of FB users continue to increase. FB users accessing via mobile phone will reach almost one billion by 2015. The number is much increased significantly compared to the year then that only reached 860 million users worldwide.

Through the diagram, it can be seen that every year, the number of social media users continue to rise from year to year.
Through the diagram, it can be seen that every year, the number of social media users continue to rise from year to year.

Interestingly, each country experienced an increase in the number of users accessing FB via mobile phone. In Indonesia alone, the number of users increases every year. In 2013, the number of FB users was only 77.7% and in 2014 it increased to 88.1%. And it will continue to increase until 2018 which is predicted to reach 98.8%.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Facebook User Country 2013 - 2018
Top 10 Mobile Phone Facebook User Country 2013 – 2018

Just imagine, what if you use FB as a media campaign to get customers from local to multinational? Without leaving the above facts, surely you can seize opportunities for your business needs. That is why, in the previous article suggests you to create a Facebook Page for the sake of improving your business.

If you have previously created a Facebook Page then you are one step ahead. Furthermore, what you need to try is, how to make your Facebook Page has many fans. For that, you need to influence Facebook for other FB users to give a thumb (like) to your Facebook Page.

Here’s how to get more fans for your Facebook Page. But before, this step you can only do after making the Facebook Page first.

Step 1: Invite friends to like your Facebook Page.

Once you have a Facebook Page, the next step is, spread or promote Your Facebook Page to friends or other FB users. If later on they receive your invitation, then they will become fans of your Facebook Page first. Try to invite friends or colleagues closest to You first. In fact, you can promote it through the website or any or your personal blog. Here is how to do it:

  • When finished making the first Facebook Page, then Facebook will automatically suggest some lists you can invite a friend to to Your Facebook Page. You just have to click the ‘ invite ‘ to add them as much as possible.
  • Ask to your friends to like (like) to your Facebook Page. Not just friends on Facebook but also other social media networks, such as Twitter, Pinterest, and much more. In fact, you can also invite your friends to like Facebook Page by word of mouth. Especially, for your friends who are pleased with the business that you are running.
  • Consider whether you have influential friends on Facebook. Influential, because every time her status update or post on Facebook, the number of like and comment pretty much. If there are, then ask your friends to promote Your Facebook Page through posting-an status.

Step 2: If you are another Facebook Page follower, add your comments and links to their status updates.

With the above mentioned ways, then most likely you will emndapatkan the best results by posting your comments to page with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of fans. Try Page Page you became one of the first to comment on the updates page. However, don’t be too often add comments that promote Your Facebook Page are accompanied with links. It thus will disturb other users.

  • Post a link to Your Facebook Page or Facebook Group page on the other. This is another way to attract more fans (fans). You can also add a brief description about the page you share. Again, do this with reasonable and not too often.
  • Use the ‘@reply’ feature (similar to the @ function in Twitter), to tag someone on your Facebook page. Every time you use this feature, you will appear on the person or company page whose name you have marked. You need to remember, not to do this too often, or Facebook will read your actions as ‘spamming’.

Step 3: to invite many people to be a fan and love the Facebook Page you’ve created, then you can use such strategies as games or contests.

To attract more fans for Your Facebook Page, then you have to think hard to do so. For example, by providing a simple game and offer a reward for those who can do it. Try to do this as often as possible, as every week or even every month.

Once you actually give the gift of games or contests you’ve created, then ask each winner does not mind to upload images of gifts you have given and ask them to download their own photos tag upload them to Your Facebook Page.

Of course, this is an easy way to encourage them to spread the word of this fun (lots of fans going to do this, because they will be happy and grateful). Of course, the photos that they upload will appear on Your Facebook Page and the page on their own profile. This would encourage their friends to visit Your Facebook Page.

Step 4: Place your Facebook Page link to other social media networks.

By including the link Facebook Page in each of your social media networks, then it would be faster to make Facebook Page you visited and get the ‘ like ‘ by many people. If you have a Twitter account that quite a lot of followers, then it’s time You used this opportunity. Any social media networks you belong to, always be sure to include a link to Your Facebook Page.

It’s good to use the social media management program as a third party. For example, such as Seismic or Hootsuite to more easily update content in social media. This program will allow you to customize the content that you post on social media automatically. The content is not only limited to text only, you can also share a link as an image, video, infografik, etc.

Make sure you include a link to the Facebook Page in the content you share. However, Hootsuite is a paid program. If you do not want to add to the expenses, you can schedule posts on Facebook manually.

Step 5: If you have a website or blog, then you can add the Like Box Facebook Page so that it appears in Your website or Blog.

By utilizing this way, then you can invite visitors from Your website or blog to like Your Facebook Page. There are steps to add Like Box Facebook Page to Your website or blog. It takes a long time.

Step 6: Never miss an opportunity to promote your Facebook Page for free.

There are several ways that you can do to make fans for Your Facebook Page. Here are some ways that you can do is as follows:

  • Every time you write something online, then try to enter a link to Your Facebook Page. Of course, don’t do this in the wrong places, because that would be considered spam. To do this, place a link to your Facebook Page at the end of each time you post a blog, forum, or as part of an article that describes Your product niche.
  • Add feature ‘ Signature ‘ email to share the link to your Facebook Page. Of course, this way will allow you to promote your Facebook Page through many ways. If this is You, then apply it every time you send an email to others, at the end of the sentence the email you send us, will be provided a link to your Facebook Page.

Step 7: Using Facebook Ads, it will provide an opportunity for businessmen to do customized promotional campaign based on a specific demographic.

For those of you active users of Facebook, then this ad you can see on the right the middle of our Facebook pages each. How to marketing using Facebook Ads advertising this service by making use of a Facebook Page created in advance by the advertiser. The system works, that is, allow the other to give Facebook users ‘ like ‘ that will automatically become fans of Your Facebook Page.

Some things you get with this Facebook Ads utilizing for example as broader market reach and formulated several categories or Favorites. This course will give you the opportunity to classify advertiser on customernya according to the needs of the market. With this, then your marketing strategy are to be more focused and purposeful.

How, pretty easy ‘ kan add fans for Your Facebook Page? The things above you can apply directly to get like that quite a lot. More like on Your Facebook Page, then more and more anyway you get the customer to improve your business. So did the opposite. If you’ve ever experienced with the ways above, or there are even difficulties associated with the application, then there is no harm to fill in the comments field below.

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