One of the Instagram Strategies You Have to Know

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One of the Instagram Strategies You Have to Know
One of the Instagram Strategies You Have to Know

How to grow my Instagram account? This is one of the questions most heard lately. Given this need, a multitude of strategies have been created, including the purchase of artificial followers.

Luckily, more and more we agree that this last resource is not recommended at all. Authenticity is much more profitable in the long term. What is the use of having 60,000 followers if 80% of them are false? This is a somewhat exaggerated example, but it serves to illustrate what happens when followers are bought.

Therefore, if it is not advisable to buy followers, you have to rely on the battery of strategies that appear as time passes. $ 1.80 is one of the Instagram strategies that can take you not only to grow your community in terms of quantity, but also to build a meaningful community. In short, this last is the most important.

Let’s see what it’s about and how to get it going!

It does not matter if you have just created your account or if you have 1 million followers, this is one of the most effective Instagram strategies
After doing a thorough search of the best online Marketing and Social Media sites around Instagram strategies, we found a specialist: Gary Vaynechuk.

Among other things, this expert states that:

“The way to win on social networks is to be really social. The number of Instagram followers you have does not mean anything if you can not build a community of like-minded people who care and commit. The only real way to do this from scratch is to be part of the conversation. “

What Gary says is very clear and is what almost all experts in Social Media are saying. If you are managing social networks you have to participate and engage with people with whom you share the same interests.

The $ 1.80 strategy that Gary Vaynechunk talks about is about placing 0.2 cents in the top 9 posts for 10 different hashtags that are relevant to your brand or business every day. In total, they are $ 1.80 per day and 90 pieces of content.

Gary uses the metaphor of money to actually refer to the VALUE OF PARTICIPATION. Every time you put 0.2c in a post you are leaving a valuable thought in the specific category, niche or industry that you want to be part of. You are building influence.

Let’s see how to apply this technique in 3 steps.


It is a very easy task. You only have to identify the 10 most important hashtags in your sector.

We are going to assume that you are managing the social networks of a Yoga studio. Or that you are a Yoga teacher. To find the 10 most relevant hashtags you just have to put the word “Yoga” in the Instagram search engine. Automatically, you’ll see Instagram’s recommendations.

In this case, #yoga appears in the first place. They follow:


Of course, you do not have to choose the first 10 hashtags that appear in the search. It is advisable to continue exploring and find others that will serve you more. That is, do not stay with the most popular. You may find others less known but with more impact in your geographical area or in relation to your products or services.

But this step not only includes the search for hashtags, but also the choice and analysis of publications. What you have to do is identify the first 9 most popular posts around each of the hashtags found. Who is it? Have you seen his profile and his bio? Do you understand his tastes or interests?


“PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUMBER OF LIKES, COMMENTS AND VIEWS: Even if the account only has 190 followers but each publication reaches 60 likes and 20 comments, leave your 0.2c.”

With this, the expert only confirms what should be obvious: Each relationship has value. Anyone can contribute to the creation of your community.


Now that you have identified the 9 trend posts for the 10 selected hashtags, it’s time to leave your 0.2c. Translation: it is time to give value through your opinion.

That it does not take more than two minutes per message. From there comes the 0.2c. Have you seen a question from someone in the comments and do you know how to answer it? Do it. Did the post copy generate any reflection? Write it Did the content of the publication seem great to you? Say it and share the post. Do you think that a friend of yours would benefit from reading or seeing that publication? I tag it.

Likes, comments, share, tag, participate. It does not need to be long interventions, it’s just a matter of getting involved and interacting.

PLEASE DO NOT SPAM. This can ruin any strategy. If you want to connect with other people in the networks, you just have to be authentic. Tell them why you liked their publication. If it’s a story on Instagram, answer it with something valuable. You could propose help, collaboration, promotion, et cetera.


It is incredibly easy. There is not much else to do. Continue doing the same thing every day: 0.2c in 9 publications for 10 hashtags. The ideal is to refine your interventions. The more valuable and authentic they are, the more your community will grow.

It does not matter if you only get 1 follower more per day. Everyone has value for your community. But in addition, this strategy fulfills another function: that of learning. You will learn a lot about online culture, about the importance of empathy, about how to generate links through social networks.

When we talk about NETWORKS, we are not talking about anything other than that: weaving networks. These networks have to go beyond the virtual to engage in reality. How many times do we see that from a link through social networks a project, an idea in a team or some other strategy that serves several people has been born?

On the Internet there is a real community. There you have to be.

But remember, you do not have to say: “follow me, follow me, follow me”. DO NOT. It’s about creating meaningful connections because you’ve sown something in that person. Because he believes you. Because he trusts what you say and who you are.

Perhaps the process is slower than an advertising campaign, but its effects are much more profitable in the long term. You will get three to four followers per day. But they are not bots or spam. They are real and valuable followers. Per month, they would be something like 100 followers. A very important number.

But as we said before, the best function of this $ 1.80 strategy is how much you learn. Imagine that you will be watching 90 pieces of content each day. This helps you understand what content you have to create on Instagram. What is working and what is not. It also serves as a huge source of inspiration.

We have reached the end of this post. We thought that it is a very successful strategy. And it is very well calculated: if you take two minutes to participate in the top 90 publications of the day, it is 180 minutes (3 hours) dedicated to building community on Instagram.

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